Pukka Herbs

Branding, Packaging, Communications

We met Tim Westwell and Sebastian Pole back in 2004 when Pukka were making some lovely teas and herbal remedies and selling them in independent health food shops. Problem was their packaging looked like cough medicine and we decided it was our duty to tell them so. Fortunately they didn’t tell us to bog off, but instead had the imagination to embark on a journey with us and allow us to take a fresh look at their entire brand proposition. Thank goodness they did because, since we rebranded and repackaged them, we have helped them grow from a startup into a highly successful international brand without compromising their authenticity or straying from their roots. 

“The Space has given us creative, design and commercial insight that has literally transformed our business. They have ‘packaged’ our ideas beautifully giving our whole brand integrity and cohesion. Our business has grown more than ten-fold. What more to say? The Space are great fun to work with!” Sebastian Pole, Founder Pukka Herbs

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